Honoring Christmas In Your Heart All Year

First Christian Church of Marion, Indiana

A Christmas Carol 2011

1. Share your Christmas experience;

  • Tell one person about your Christmas,

Nothing elaborate, just a simple sharing of the specialness and meaning of this season for you,

  • Do something special for someone on the 25th of each month.

Send a card, take them to lunch, give a secret pal remembrance,

Nothing of any real monetary value,

Remember the secret is the giving of yourself.

2. Set aside time each week to listen to God;

  • Spend just 10 minutes each week reading Scripture and consider how the passage applies to your life.

3. Make a hallelujah "Faith Promise."

  • Instead of a New year Resolution list, ask God to guide you and your goals for the year.

  • Pray, "Lord, with your help, this year I will ___________________"

4. Share a non-perishable food item each week with community food banks.


The story in pictures of this classic story of redemption, transformation, hope, life and new opportunity.

This annual presentation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" started in 2003 at the First Christian Church in Marion, Indiana.


An endeavor such as this could never happen without the many people who donate their time and talents in planning the event, recruiting advertising, serving as cast, stage crew, directors, production team and even you for sharing this gift. A special "Thank You" to each and every one for your role in making this dream come true.

As Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!

Free Will Offering:

The production is free, but free will offering baskets will be available during intermission to defray production costs and support local charities. You are encouraged to bring friends and a non-perishable food item to donate to local food banks.